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Signal Box Murals

The Signal Box Mural Project is a collaboration between the YMCA and Cortland Arts Connect.

South Main St & Huntington St
Laurie Seamans

At the corner of Huntington and Main Streets, there is a dragon symbolizing strength and fortitude ready to capture your attention. The idea was to make a bold design in bright colors that would catch the eyes of people driving by or children riding on school buses in an area of the city that is home to an underserved population.  Art is a universal language that everyone can speak and the more people who see it, find joy in it, and are inspired by it makes our world a better place.


Main Street & Court Street
Molly Reagan

The "Cortland Rocks" box by Molly Reagan (Good Neighbor Art) attempts to capture the fun and the joy of some of the highlights Cortland has to offer. 

Nods to the past; a keyboard, a pair of bloomers and wagon wheels coexist with musical notes, our thriving  music scene, dairy cows, and sports memorabilia. 


North Main St & Arthur Ave
Josh Bishop & Emily Gibbons

This piece is inspired by the city of Cortland and it's surrounding landscapes. It is a collaborative project between painters Josh Bishop and Emily Gibbons


Homer Ave & Wheeler Ave
Crystal Lyon

"The Commute" - painted on Grace Brown's commute to the Gillette Skirt Factory at the intersection of Wheeler/ Homer Ave.


Groton Ave & Graham Ave
Ashe Martin

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Homer Ave & North Main St & West Main St
Geoffrey Peppel

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