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Lifetime Achievement Awards

Since 2009

This year's Lifetime Achievement Awards Reception will be Friday July 12, 2024 at McNeil Building Gallery.

2023 Lifetime Achievement Awardees

It is a pleasure to announce Sherry Dans as our visual art honoree and Stephen Wilson as our music honoree. They are both exceptionally talented and well known for their continuing contributions to the arts in our community.

About the Awards

In 2009, the Cortland Arts Connect established the Lifetime Achievement Award for a Visual Artist. In 2021 an award for Lifetime Achievement Award for Music was added. Selected by a committee of peers, the award recognizes and honors outstanding artists and musicians for their contribution to the cultural fabric of our community. 

Each year, the committee appoints local artists and musicians to form the selection committee for the award. As a component of the award, the Cortland Arts Connect purchases a piece of artwork created by the recipient. The intent of this annual Purchase Award is to build a permanent visual record of an important aspect of our artistic heritage. Cortland Arts Connect periodically displays this ever-growing collection in exhibits around the community.  Donations toward the annual Purchase Award are gratefully accepted. 

Award Recipients in Visual Arts

  • 2023 - Sherry Dans

  • 2022 - Ann Siegle

  • 2021 - Lolita White

  • 2018 - David Blatchley

  • 2016 - David Beale

  • 2015 - George Dugan

  • 2014 - Bob Ellis

  • 2013 - Richard MItchell

  • 2012 - Grace Hedlund

  • 2011 - Fred Zimmerman

  • 2010 - Harry Davis

  • 2009 - Jane Zogg

Award Recipients in Music
  • 2023 - Stephen Wilson

  • 2022 - Lynn Koch

  • 2021 - Paulette Fry

Award Recipients

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