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Plein Air: Cortland & Beyond

Emily Gibbons

Artist Statement: 

Rain and oil paint don’t mix well, I discovered as I created my first works in plein air, set up around Dingle Ireland in 2007. After moving to Cortland in 2010, I picked up watercolor - a medium I had abandoned in college.

I spent the next few years painting plein air watercolors around Cortland County. In 2014, David Beale and I started leading plein air workshops around the country and internationally, with a favorite regular trip to Ireland. In 2020 I started a project called Plein Air Cortland, creating plein air works in different parts of the county.


This show is a collection of 14 years painting plein air (painting outdoors). There are works from Cortland, Finger Lakes, Sedona Arizona, Ireland (Dingle, Cork, Galway) and Barcelona Spain. The pieces are painted in watercolor, oil and casein.


Plein Air Cortland is a continuing project. I am still looking for suggestions on places to paint!

Shoot me a message and visit my blog at 


This exhibit is dedicated to two fine painters and teachers, George Dugan and David Beale.



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