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Cortland Arts Connect supports, promotes, develops and celebrates the arts, artists and audiences of all ages and backgrounds to enhance the Cortland County community. 

we are designated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Image of people looking at paintings in a gallery space.
Image of artist painting a small canvas.


Culture comes in many forms: an exhibit at an art gallery, a piano performance, or a competition where community members contribute their own artwork. And thanks to the Cortland Arts Connect, each of these activities and many more are possible right here in our hometown.

Every year, Cortland Arts Connect makes possible a number of different events. From the popular Arts and Wine festival every August, to First Fridays, where the public is invited to celebrate the variety of artistic talent in Cortland one night out each month, to bus trips around the East Coast, there’s culture everywhere.


Ever munched on cookies and sipped wine on a Friday night while perusing a sculptor’s latest works? How about try your own hand at making pottery, a watercolor, or even a poem for the Community Arts Challenge? Cortland Arts Connect is behind all of these experiences, too. CAC makes it possible for the public to enjoy and access art and music, and celebrates those who make our region’s creative scene thrive.


Cortland Arts Connect (formerly The Cultural Council of Cortland County) was formally organized in 2000 by a group of county residents who saw the need for a county-wide arts service organization. Individuals in the group had been active in the former Cortland Arts Council and knew how much that organization contributed to the cultural life of Cortland County throughout its duration. They felt the lack of such an organization over the past decade was detrimental to the cultural development of the county.


Thus, encouraged by the New York State Council on the 
Arts to create a new organization, they formed the Cultural Council of Cortland County(CCCC) in order to provide services to Cortland 
County's arts and cultural community and to its residents and visitors. 
These services are made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, and with funding from CNY Arts, the County of Cortland, and individual donors. CAC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

EIN: 23-7269008

Image of artist reading in front of an audience.
Image of audience of people at a concert.


Promote and participate in the arts in Cortland County! CAC brings the arts to Cortland County by nurturing artists young and old, established and developing. But we also take Cortland to the arts by sponsoring several outings each year to various destinations for art and culture throughout the Northeast. 

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