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Cortland Arts Connect (CAC) will showcase the breadth of arts and culture in our area by developing programming along a county-wide Cortland Arts Trail that will feature artists & studios, art installations (murals, statues, etc.), art venues, galleries and businesses that support the arts. We plan on implementing a hybrid model for online and in-person art events and to create a new county- wide Cortland Arts Trail to enhance access to the arts and the artists.  Once development of the Cortland Arts Trail map is completed, we will be able to offer interactive activities that engage visitors and showcase the trail.

We have identified a digital mapping platform ( that will allow us to customize an arts trail map complete with links to videos, artists’ studios and websites, special events, venues, local art installations and more.  This will allow both a digital map that can be accessed from a computer or mobile phone or can be printed or copies picked up at one of the central pick-up locations.  People will be able to click on a location on the interactive map to learn more about the corresponding artist, artwork, and venue.

Creating activities to pair with a print and online map of the arts trail, CAC will encourage community identity and pride, foster creativity, contribute to economic development efforts, enhance community revitalization initiatives, and support the local tourism industry.

The Arts Trail will provide another draw to our community and serve as an additional tourism attraction that draws visitors to our local assets, supporting artists, local businesses, and organizations.  By adopting a hybrid model of online and in-person events more of the community will be able to enjoy the arts that Cortland County has to offer. This holds true for artists who live in remote locations, they will be able to share their art more easily with the community through digital offerings.

Ultimately, this project will create a connected community in Cortland County that fosters the arts and cultural experiences while improving quality of life and promoting tourism. The benefits from this project are exponential – impacting not just CAC but also local arts and cultural organizations, residents, and the Cortland County tourism industry. At a time when our community needs art more than ever our project of a county wide Cortland Arts Trail with a Hybrid Model Online and In-Person events can make a difference.

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