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Regional Photography Exhibit

October 2021

Online Gallery

The Online Exhibit

This is the 11th Juried Regional Photography Exhibit, sponsored each year by the Cortland Arts Connect (formerly Cultural Council of Cortland County). 

22 photographers from around the area submitted 42 works choosing from five categories - Purple, Patterns in Nature, Silhouettes, Collage, and Open. 

(Open - This category provides photographers the opportunity to submit works that they particularly like without being constrained by a specific subject. 
 Collage - this category will accept works that have been created using PhotoShop or other software.)

A live streaming awards presentation was held Thursday October 21st at 7pm and is now posted on our facebook page



First Place: Cleared For Takeoff  by Jim Weiss

Second Place:  Back To The Barn  by Deborah Putman

Third Place:  Under That Alabama Sky  by Andy Jewett



First Place:  Purples In Still Life  by Teresa Pelton

Second Place:  Purple Sharon  by Sherry Dans

Third Place:  Yellow  by Emily Gibbons


Patterns in Nature

First Place: Fungi Forrest  by Jim Weiss

Second Place: Zebra Matrix  by Sharyn Madison

Third Place:  Nature's Knots  by Frank Kelly



First Place: Moths of August  by Krista Sessions


First Place: Party Crasher  by Susan LoParco

Second Place:  Valley Forge Dawn  by Andy Jewett

Third Place:  Jimmy Divine  by Deborah Putman

Honorable Mention:  Summertime Happiness  by Tina Brandel


Best in Show  -  Walking Home  by Krista Sessions

See the 5 galleries below. Click on the image and it will show the title and photographer.

Our 2021 Exhibit



Patterns in Nature