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Live Music Schedule

Image of man juggling fire.
Molly Regan.png

Interactive Chalk Mural

Local Artist Molly Regan

created an interactive chalk outline
for festival goers of all ages to fill in. 

Join in the fun to create a giant wall mural!


Whether translating a mundane scene to simple line work or an emotion to shapes and movement of energy and color, Molly Reagan’s work aims to elicit joy. She draws from her music and art education backgrounds to infuse her projects with bold, illustrative, joyful, “back-to-childhood” moments.

She believes art should be inclusive, refreshing, available to all. Community can be built on a common appreciation of beauty, and Molly strives to create art that can be appreciated by anyone, build community and draw people in.

Hailing from beautiful Cortland, NY, Molly is a mama to two boys, an Art Educator, and musician. To learn more about Molly and her work visit:  Molly – Good Neighbor Art

Image of woman standing in front of her mural on a wall.

3-D Chalk Artist

Image of woman crouching in front of her chalk mural on the group.


Erika Lalita Thurkins 

created a 3-D chalk mural live at the festival

Street Painting originated in the Renaissance, when artists would paint images of the Madonna outside of cathedrals.  The term given to these artists- "madonnari" - is still used today by Street Artists.  Modern madonnari Erika Lalita Thurkins is a Pittsburgh-area professional portraitist and national award-winning chalk artist who creates dynamic street art for regional and national festivals, businesses, and events.  To learn more about Erika and her work visit:

Logo of Pottery Works

Pottery Throwing Demonstrations

Image of a man at a pottery wheel.

Pottery Works held live pottery throwing demonstrations

throughout the day.  Get your hands dirty and give it a try!  To learn more about Pottery Works and the classes that they offer visit:

Artist TeeJay Dill

created a 3-D chalk mural live at the festival.


TeeJay is a particularly reclusive humanoid cryptid. As a child, she found her sanctuary in books where the illustrations that she met befriended and protected her. In exchange she vowed to do everything in her power to proliferate their kind and expand the fantastical realms.  

Since then she has attempted to fulfill this destiny by decorating and drawing on all sorts of things–even people if they sit still long enough. TeeJay has been tattooing professionally since 1991and is the owner of both locations of White Tiger Tattoo (in Rochester & Webster, NY). To learn more about TeeJay and her work visit: JUST TEEJAY - Home

Image of woman sitting next to her chalk mural, a rabbit in a hat

3-D Chalk Artist

 Chalk Artist

Image of a man covered in paint making a square viewer with his hands.

Jean Robert Edouard Jr.

 created a chalk mural

live at the festival

Jean Robert Edouard Jr better known by his alias “O’Skoo” is an aspiring artist with a passion to showcase his talents as well as motivate other young individuals to explore their own creative and artistic side. 

He expresses himself through drawing, painting, fashion/jewelry design, as well as decorative art. Beginning from a young age and residing in one of the greatest cities (better known as "the Big Apple"), Queens, NY, his inspiration has always come from everyday surroundings and cultural exposures such as, music, poetry, and various styles of dance. To learn more about O’Skoo and his work visit:

  9:30 - 10:50 AM – Nate the Great                        

11:00 - 11:50 PM – Lynn Koch and Jim Weiss 

12:00 - 12:50 PM – Steve Daniels Trio                     

  1:00 -   1:50 PM – Bradford Allen & Casey Widger

2:00 - 2:50 PM – Marina Gorelaya                           

3:00 - 3:50 PM – The Local Farmers Union

4:00 - 4:50 PM – Spencer Sisters

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